On The Road Again

I figured because my laptop battery is now dead I’d write my entry on REAL paper and then transfer it onto the computer here.

An odd thing happened last night. After I wrote that entry I came to realize all of the sadness had to do with a general feeling of loneliness. After being gone from my school friends for 3 months and only seeing my home friends once or twice, I was feeling discontent. It was a lot of self pity, but on occasion I think we’re all allowed a little (just a little)…

Anyway, right afterwards I started getting IMs from so many different people – people in High School I never really talked nor associated with talked with me about my band, and an old girlfriend and I caught up, which was nice. It’s always amazing for me to see that if I’m faithful, God always carries and provides. Just a great guy, that God.

As of today I have 17 days before I get back into the swing of school stuff, and I think when I get home I’ll be all excited… college is exactly what I need to be doing right now, and I love every minute of it. I’m almost sure I’ll be switching my major to business, and that’s kinda scary because it’s uncharted territory, but I feel confident it’s the right way to go, and if it isn’t, God will be sure to give me the wisdom I need.

Let’s see, what else… oh! I’ve written a new song for the band, and that brings the total up to 5 this summer. I love doing it, because it’s a way to release all that pent up emotion we all place in ourselves. I’m excited about the band too, because it’s something I’ve always wanted… TO BE IN A BAND!

Well, that’s enough musing. Peace be with all of you.


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