That’s what I said. Meh. Thanks go out to Jen Rose for helping me add one more word

Today I’ve got to try to get my homework done today. I’ve got probably 15 pages left, and when you notice I’ve done 35 or so already, it doesn’t seem too bad.

It’s an exercise in futility – I’m no longer and English/Secondary Ed major (Business is calling my name now… and I must answer), but so many people skip out on their responsibilities, and I, for one, don’t really want to say “well, I observed a classroom for a week, switched majors, and then didn’t do a work”… sounds shady, eh?

So, I do the drudgery.

After that though, it’s smooth sailing till I get back on Wednesday. Shopping Friday, out with the grandparents Saturday, Church and friends on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be packing and tying up loose ends, then Wednesday… well, we all now know what Wednesday is. Save Elizabeth and Aby (well, Aby is ALWAYS in school… GO NEOUCOM!) I’m the first to go. That’s not bad though – I’m one of the first out too. =)

Well, hopefully I’ll give you all a “Yo” when I get done with all this work.

Peace, Love, Popcorn


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