Yeah, I’m writing again.

I have a few minutes, and I wanted to write again. I was feeling kinda down as the night began last night, but I took a walk, visited some friends, and watched Road To Perdition (which, I guess as movies go, isn’t entirely uplifting, but the social activity was great. I really am very much a people person at heart). I’m feeling sick with a sinus infection that’s guaranteed to happen once a year bet your bottom dollar around this time, but I fought it, got up, and am going to church, which makes me feel good. I haven’t gone to church since I left for school (which is only one Sunday, so I’m not that bad yet…). After I read some Management, I’m hoping Travis and I will work on a song. He’s had a headache the last couple days though, so I’m a little concerned. I might go visit some friends over on the girl’s side too. It’s a magical world, full of possibilites =).

Anyway, the time grows nigh for me to head on out. Catch you all later, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get on the schtick again.


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