One more thing:

I got this off of Nancy’s LJ… I thought it was great, and how true it is.

Let me list some other things I am thankful for today: (attempting to focus upon good things ;))
-Love of friends and family
-Beautiful music, harmonies, melodies
-Guitar music
-Kiki (my aforementioned plant ;)) (Mine is named Stick… thank you Nancy)
-My beautiful sister
-Pink roses
-Fresh fruit
-Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
-The ability to sing praises to, talk to, listen to God
-Religious freedom
-Movies that make you laugh every time you watch them
-Post-it notes
-Flip flops
-That it only costs $.37 to mail a letter to a treasured friend
-People who ask, “How are you?” and really mean it
-Hamburgers and french fries
-Playing football
-Nalgene water bottles (you can’t break ’em!!! ;))
-Blistex Lip Medex in a blue pot (I’m really all about Carmex, but I’ll deal with Blistex)
-Different languages
-Dried flowers
-Romance (hey, even though I’m not experiencing any now doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it! :))
-Watching people who know how to dance really dance
-Power naps!

That makes me happy.


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