Why am I so bad at not writing in this journal?

I think it’s because when I sit down I really don’t stay by this computer as much as I could, and as a result the whole “Oh, gee, LJ time” doesn’t come up so often.

Anywho. Life here is good. My ex-girlfriend and I have had our share of difficulties of late, but I have full confidence that it’s going to turn around for the good here sometime and have some sort of friendship – though how long it will last will be the question. I really pray for that though.

My first management test is tomorrow. I’m not too worried, just have to put the time in to study and look over my notes and I’ll be fine. I’ll come back and write to tell you how that went.

Last night was great. I had a friend over and her sister was visiting from her college, so we sat around and watched a movie. It was so much fun. We had to go to the freshman boy’s dorm and that wasn’t exactly a lot of fun… but then we just just relaxed. I need more Saturday nights like that.

Well, now it’s off to study Management… A+ muy bien!


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