First ai gig of the the year tonite!

I’m really looking forward to it. Travis is out doing some work and I’m here kinda just relaxing before getting ready to get started. Got an American Audio catalog. My plan is to do some DJ work on the the side this summer along with my normal work (hopefully a nice paid internship where I’m wearing a shirt and tie and looking all professional). Downside is that costs money… and I have to try to conserve enough and plan my birthdays and Christmas in such a way as to get everything for May. I’m stoked about it though. It’d be fun and I’d be making a few hundred on the weekends.

79% on the Management test, though the more I talk to people I hear that’s a great start. I asked about a particular essay question on my test, and we’ll see if I can get a couple more points from that. Honestly, just being able to say I’m in B range would make me happy.

Also, I’m going to get 10 bonus points for writing a summary… and if I don’t the the extra points on the test as it is… those points will pull me to an 85, which I’m completely okay with. I really want to keep all my grades and an 85 and higher. That way a good final will blast all of ’em up.

Anywho, gonna go and do some stuff… catch you all later, and for those of you on campus… 10:00, Coffee Grove!


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