Hi =)

Sorry I took so long to get back to saying something again. It’s been a long week with 3 exams and just feeling like I haven’t gotten enough sleep.

However, I’m here, and I’m kickin’!

The ai gig went really, really good. People were really in tune with “It’s Okay To Like Michael Jackson” still, and I think that’s great. I really don’t want to be a niche band and just play funny stuff, but it’s nice to know we’re appreciated.

Then, following, the week was nothing but studying. By the grace of God and God alone I was able to get done with my accounting and think I did fairly well. Secondly, I really think I aced Marketing and Civ Arts. So, hypothetically, I could get this on my midterms in about a week or two:

Management: B or maybe an A if I do well on the next exam
Civ Arts: A+
Accounting: B (though we’ll see how this test goes… I’m at an 89% right now)
Business Law: B+
Marketing: A

…I like the looks of that A LOT. My goal is a 3.5, and that kinda looks like it.

Anywho, I just wanted to say something else real quick before I signed off. I was reading through my friends page, and I have to admit I love every one of them. If you read each one, they’ve all got their own special qualities. They’re all special people, and I’m blessed to know them.

Well, I finally got WinMX to work, so it’s DOWNLOAD time!

Peace, Love, Fried Chicken,


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