…Just a thought…

A friend of mine often has her away message in the morning say “Start each day with a smile and get it over with” and places a smile there.

I realized how rough of a life that causes you to live then. We talked about it in our Bible Study last night about having a mindset in the morning when you get going. Spending time with God in the morning is such a great way to get yourself focused into thinking about God all day and seeking to worship Him in everything you do… even going to class, eating… God made you for His enjoyment, so that means what you do that he intended you to do is wonderful.

To say “okay… I’ll do one smile and expect the rest of the day to suck” is no way to enjoy life. In fact, it’s a way to just get life to go downhill.

Kinda short, but it just made me think.

Anywho… catch you all later.


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