Random Talkingness

Today was a better day than most… I don’t know what it was, but it just felt good.

I started out by turning in my schedule, which was of course nice. I’m only waitlisted for one class, and I have a feeling that I could get signed into it if I so desired… it’s stinking Sculpture (yes, folks, Adam Anderson is taking Sculpture next semester… we’ll see how THAT goes)

After that I listened to a speaker in chapel. He’s an assistant to the President for minorities. He grew up in the Bahamas, and so he had that laid back “don’t let anything get to you, man” accent that I wish I had. Then he spoke on the most basic of ideas… the fact that Christ died for our sins and that we get together every Lord’s day to remember Him, and that we can’t forget that “Though the war’s over, the battle’s still raging”. It was one of the most incredible and just… oh… charismatic isn’t the right word, but you just felt an energy coming from the guy – something had a hold of him, something that defined him each time he jumped or each time he started to shout, or each time he would make a point, it was sharp and cut through the sleep of anyone around. I swear, if he spoke every week, I’d need 32 chapel cards. What a time.

Then I had a test I’m fairly sure I aced (thank you Business Law!) and a presentation I think I did well in too. Then we did a project where I had to be a negotiator and try to create a coalition. Although our group had the most buying power, we still had to work… after all, 2 little companies get together and kick the butt of a big company, that’s no fun. But we got the 2nd biggest company and we won! We would have gotten a couple dollars out of it, but instead we’re vying for bonus points.

After that I was interviewed by a girl who’s trying to get a recording studio, I’ve just chilled. This is the first time in about a week I’m had a chance to just relax, and that makes me happy. However, tomorrow I have to start kicking into high gear for a test coming up in accounting next Tuesday. I’m not to worried, so long as I study. Tomorrow I should be getting my grades on my Management and Civ Arts tests… so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, raquetball with Russell for a little, then Bible Study, then lifting, then bed. SCORE!


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