The second half of my tests…

My Business Law test was a 90… which is nice, except I’m on the fringes of an A… a 91… now, if I do well, say, a 98, I think that’d be satisfactory for me. I’d rather not risk losing an A in any fashion than be a silly Grover and force a real A over an A-…

My marketing test was a 77.5, thanks to a stupid, stupid, STUPID essay on my part. I screwed it up and lost 10 points on it. That did it for my grade. Right now, not including my paper and other stuff, I have a 82… and I won’t tolerate that… I don’t mind a B in the class, but I’m so close. There should acutally be some bonus coming my way soon.

Anyway, regardless, I’m thinking about my grades, and supposing I do well on my next accounting test… here’s how they could fall before finals:

Management: B (Thank God… that 85 helps)
Civ Arts: A
Accounting: B+/A-
Business Law: A-
Marketing: B

Looking at that, that might about be a 3.3 or something. But, regardless, I realize I’m much tougher on myself than anyone else is. And I think I need to stop too. When I was a senior in High School, I stopped caring and got the best grades I ever got. I mean, yeah, I prepared, but it was less about the grade and more about the fun of learning.

Anywho… I’m off to play some Raquetball… peace, love, coconut!


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