Just something I thought about.

When reading my 40 Days book, Pastor Warren wrote about the fact that God doesn’t mind when we doubt and wrestle Him… David, Jacob, Moses… they were men after his own heart, patriarchs and leaders of everything I believe in, and they questioned the God that they loved… and I thought “why don’t we do that anymore?” Why do we allow ourselves to be spoon-fed things all the time by people and we don’t go to God directly and start asking Him the questions? He wants that. He want us to get passionate with Him, and want us to get upset and wrestle with HIM, not with our pastor, not with the person leading the Bible Study, but with Him… after all, isn’t He the one with the perfect answers? And if we’re upset or if we’re questioning, aren’t we getting close to Him? See, I’d rather be so upset with God that I’d like to knock on His door and tell Him how upset I am than sit in my room and fiddle around doing nothing. I wonder how many people do that though… who don’t try to seek God’s answers but their own through other people here.

Whew… lots to think about at 12:54.

And I wanted to say that all the prayers lately for everything that has been going on lately has been appreciated on all sides.

…See You Space Cowboy.


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