Last day of the semester…

Wow… sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote… 13 days is quite a bit of time, and I’ve typically been very astute in my writing to the LJ.

What a hellish last few days, though. I’ll tell you. Here’s a short rundown:

1) Recieved my very first zero on a paper
2) Was told because I was too driven I would not recieve a position I would have liked
3) Broke up my band after a year’s worth of work
4) A friend of mine’s roommate was hit by a car and it’s been tough on the two of them and the rest of the girl’s in the sweet. I tried to drive out at 2:00 in the morning to visit them to see if they were okay, only to get a call to turn back.
…and this was all the week before finals.

But y’know, I’m happy, I’m safe, and God has seen me through. Through all the bad things that I’ve done, all the bad things that have happened to me, God has been so entirely faithful to me all the way through.

Either way, I’ll tell you my New Year’s Resolution right now: refuse to compromise next semsester… I want to be a new creation. I want to work to be something more than what I’ve been. I want to be God’s completely… each time I say that, it makes me comfortable, it makes me happy. I want to be God’s. I want Him to use me in a way that is so new and dynamic. I want to destroy demons. I want to something new. It’s a goal to work towards, and one completely attainable.

Anywho… beddy-bye. Word… home tomorrow.


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