New Year’s Stuff. =)

Well, now it’s New Years and all that stuff, and I figure why not! I’d do the survey that Nancy did… however, I’m going to have to change around the last part because I don’t have enough people on my livejournal (btw Nancy, if you read this… do you have anyone on your list that I know? Because I’d love to have at least… oh… 8 friends? 😉


Five things that 2002 taught me:
1. I can never ever sit on their haunches in the kingdom of Heaven
2. That I will always have blind spots that I might not ever pick up, but…
3. Friends and family can have a whole lot of insight.
4. It’s more important to be yourself than to be what people want you to be
5. God is still continually faithful, regardless of how I – or anyone else – falls

Five personally significant events of 2002:
1. The creation – and eventual destruction – of my band… but hopes are high for something new in 2K3!
2. Switching Majors
3. Figuring out a lot about myself and who I am (I can second that…)
4. Surviving American Standard this summer
5. Beginning to understand more about God and what He has in store for me

Five things I want to do in 2003:
1. Get a 4.0 (or even a 3.5… really, just better than before :-P)
2. Continue to strive to being the best man I can be in all ways
3. Spend more time in quiet devotion and meditation
4. Not care as much about what people think of me, but rather to just be me and have that be enough
5. That I’d be willing to do whatever God calls me to do

Five things I don’t want to do in 2003:
1. Make the same mistakes
2. Get myself into any compromising positions
3. Only put half-effort into what I do
4. Be inconsistent
5. Get defensive when people offer me advice

Five things I love beyond all reason currently:
1. Jesus
2. My brother
3. My parents
4. My new book “Running With The Giants” by John Maxwell
5. The smoker we got so we can have smoked ribs for New Years!!!!!

Five things I hate with good reason currently:
1. My own stupidity and fallen nature
2. This stupid thing (We guess it’s a wart now) on my hand (that’s finally go away!)
3. When people don’t stand up for what they believe and to what they don’t.
4. The fact it’s 34 degrees out and raining.
5. I can’t seem to create a song and lyrics together! ARGH!

Livejournal section – Kinda…

Five people who have challenged my thinking the most:
1. Charlie () – he always has… ever since I can remember… but instead of getting upset at each other, I think we really respect our differences of opinion and find that we’re really not ALL that different
2. Nancy () – I mean, she was the one you told be to get “Wild At Heart”… that counts as a score to be put on this list =)
3. Dr. Hinton – After that whole zero debacle, he’s really made me think about a lot of stuff… so much for the better
4. My brother – Sometimes he’ll say something that makes me stop and think “hm… maybe this really is the case”
5. Rachel Bovard – For the good sides and the bad, she did make me think about a lot of things about how to treat a girl, and then how I can be treated sometimes and made me much more aware.

Five people I want to get to know better in 2003:
1. Abigail Russell – She ALWAYS is one of the people I want to get to know better… I don’t know why I just don’t up and do it
2. Rachel Druchel – We didn’t like each other last year, and now we’re getting to be friends, and I’d like to continue that
3. Paul ()
4. The business wing at GCC – Just because I have to work with them the next 2 and a half years… might as well get to know ’em well 🙂
5. Frank Romeo () – I’ve known him for awhile, but not as well as I’d like

Five people I want in my battle unit:
1. Charlie … because he’s got mad logic skillz, yo.
2. Nancy (you’d do the same :))
3. Ryan… he’s a beast!
4. Russell Stelts, because the kid’s quick!
5. Paul … he knows Taekwondo…or however you spell it…


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