Josh Groban: The more I listen, the more I’m taken away by his music. The song now, Broken Vow… I could simply tell you that it’s about a woman who cheats on her lover, but that simply doesn’t cut it. Even if I was to place lyrics in, one could comprehend it, but what Josh does that makes it a special song is pain. I’ve never had a girl cheat on me (to my knowledge), yet from the song, I know in my way what it feels like. There’s a lonliness – an emptiness, but there’s a… if not an optimisim, at least a indigination that there’s a way “to keep more than a broken vow”… and that really is what makes a love song in my mind… one can write all the John Mayer-esque cutsey metaphors and anti-cliches, but if there isn’t a passion… isn’t a heart behind it… there’s nothing. Like I Corinthians 13 is saying… without love, nothing really is as good.

Also, he’s one of the few artists my whole family enjoys.

…all of the sudden my motivation for writing disappeared :-I

…Anyway, I also want to ask that anyone who reads my LJ, if you have a journal, leave me a reply and let add you to my list… the more the merrier! If you’re reading and would like to join up, I actually have a few codes that are dying to have users attached to them!

I hope for all of you a blessed 2003. I also hope that you and God will work together to create in you something better, so that a year from now you can look back in wonderment of how far you’ve gone.


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