Old Pictures

Hiya –

Today I had a chance to go through some of the pictures my family has taken over the past few years. It’s one of my favorite things to do, because all of the feelings I had at that time come sweeping back, and it’s just nice to be back in those situations, however breifly. There are a few pictures that make me very happy:

Chautauqua and Wynton Marsalis – My freshman summer, after I was hit with the baseball bat, I had a chance to go to Chautauqua Institution (a Victorian… well, almost upper-class summer camp for people… I guess) to see my trumpet hero, Wynton Marsalis. Anyway, I was front and center for the concert, and with my CD in hand hoping to get his signature. When I came up to the stage to ask one of the guys to get him to sign it, he said “why don’t you just go ahead and come back and get him to sign it yourself?” I was stunned. Here I was, 15 years old and having a chance to MEET MY HERO! It was amazing. He was incredibly friendly, and we had all this conversation. To this day I have that case, always protected, where Wynton said “Always keep on your horn… Wynton Marsalis”. Most people would kinda go “huh?” but to me it was as good as meeting Omar Vizquel. Next on the list: Harry Connick, Jr. =)

Junior Prom – I was Vice President of my class that year, and as a result helped to head the Prom Committee that year. The girl who I had hoped originally to take turned me down (that’s a whole story and a half itself…), and so prayed to find someone else. Luckily, there was a girl by the name of Jen Horst that was free, and she said. Jen was one of the girls at my High School I probably admired the most. She had such a complete dedication to Christ, and had one of the greatest spirits I’ve ever known. Either way, we went together, and had a great time. However, I couldn’t really totally party because I was trying to be sure everything run ship-shape: DJ found his spot, nothing fell and broke or anything, the world didn’t come to an end. Also, on the way out, I hoped to have a chance to hold her hand from the building to the car… maybe (maybe) 100 feet. As soon as I tried, she quickly and effeciently wriggled her hand out of mine… but did place it around my arm. To this day, it makes me smile… I don’t think I’ve ever been so flatly denied… I don’t think any guy has =). It’s made me respect Jen that much more to this date. I keep promising myself I’m going to catch up with her… she’s a year younger than me, so she just finished her first semester and I’d like to know how she did. But, even thinking about it I get this great feeling.

Winter Homecoming, ’01 – My last homecoming, and I wanted to go out to a bang…

I took Linnae Bohar… I had known her sister for a long time, and had gotten to know Linnae during High School. She was attractive, had an irresistable personality, and more than anything was an incredible dancer. She always said I was a good dancer too, but I think she was just being nice. Anyway, I tried to think for a long time what to do for a meal and was coming to dead ends, especially considering that my brother was coming along (his first winter homecoming… we thought it’d be fun to the double date thing… he had a girl who was friends with Linnae, too… so it was cool)… anyway, Ryan and I decided that we’d fool them to think we were going some place fancy, but instead we’d take them back to our house to Filet Mingon, Baked Potato, and Greek Salad and the sounds of Wynton in the background. The parents, of course, were out of the way save for pictures. It went off without a hitch, and as far as I ever knew, the girls liked it. We enjoyed dinner, then danced the night away. It was a great time… although once again I had to make sure everything ran shipshape because I was Student Council President at the time. However, it was a good time.

Senior Prom – I didn’t have to run this one! I decided to get up the nerve to ask Autumn Lotze. She was a girl who I had somewhat of a crush on (how could a guy not? She was a Quaker, recieved a 34 the first time she took the ACTs, and was quite attractive… probably still is, but I haven’t seen her in probably a year). Anyway, she said yes. Then… as if by fate, I get a call informing that I won a scholarship from the Masonic Lodge and that I was requested to attend the award ceremony… on May 15th… the same night of Prom. I called Autumn and told her she was more than welcome to find another date if she wanted to, or she could come with me. She came with me. I was blessed with probably 2 of the best Prom dates a guy could ever ask for, because Autumn was so cool about it. That day, I picked her up, took pictures at her house, went to South Range to get pictures taken there, went to Youngstown to accept the award, listen to some music, eat dinner, and then got to Prom just in time for dancing. We also danced the night away… and just enjoyed ourselves. And she did hold my hand… and it was probably 300 feet to the car that time! We went to an after prom party for a little bit, then I took her home, kissed her politiely on the cheek, and headed home. The next day we went bowling together with her younger sister… and then really didn’t speak to her much after that. I had our official prom picture up in my room for awhile last year, but now it’s put away… I’ll tell you what though… what a good time. And there’s not a lot of girls that I know that’d be willing to do what she did. When the issues came up this semester about Crimson… it kinda reminded me of this situation. I respect her so greatly… I should try to catch up with her too sometime…

Anyway, there’s lots of other pictures too, ones of me just born, ones of my playing with Ryan (which are probably overall my favorities, because we’re both so cute!), ones of me being homecoming crownbearer… being in the spelling bee… etc… but my batteries are dying, so I don’t have enough time to write about them all. Anyway, hope to write more later 🙂

Peace, love, old crusty sailors.


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