First off, as per my last entry, I’ve upped my comments. I’m now I’m up to a grand total of 8 and 8! Wooo! And to my credit, I feel you have to take about 200 days or so off that length, because I really only started using LJ again in June (the 23d, to be exact)… so that makes me somewhere around 203 days of real writing again… though, if you had seen my accounting tests, you’d know counting days isn’t my bag.

…anyway… including this entry and the last one, I have 53, making my average postings 1 every 3.8301886792452830188679245283019 days or something… invert it and you the per day rate, but that’s enough math for me.


This Is How We Do It would rank on my top 10 dance songs that will always get me on the floor. Here’s the list, off the top of the head… no particular order:

1. Montel Jordan – This Is How We Do It
2. DMX – Up In Here
3. Nelly – Hot In Herre
4. Dr. Dre and TuPac – California Love (My best memory of the Gala last spring was watching Brad Dutton recite the ENTIRE song… I thought I was the only total white guy that knew rap songs… happily… I found that I was wrong =)
5. Destiny’s Child – Jumpin’ Jumpin’
6. Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
7. DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat
8. Sir Mix A Lot – Baby Got Back (Can a brother have 1 guilty pleasure?… and besides, there’s a story in that on. Dave Reel, how we miss thee.)
9. Wyclef Jean – Staying Alive Remix
10. House Of Pain – Jump Around

…also, you can always put dc Talk’s “Jesus Is Still Alright”…but how can you put dc Talk and TuPac on the same list? Just can’t. Also, you can include just about Mid-90s dance song “La Bouche, etc”… geez, the more I think about it, the more songs I think you have to include… if any of you have others you like to add, lemme know. Hip Hop Hooray, The Thong Song (regretably… how are you gonna stop dumps like a truck?) Whatta Man, Shoop… man, I just gotta stop. =)

Don’t forget “Love Shack”…


Yesterday was nice. I was able to talk to Nancy, and I hadn’t been able to do that for any extended period of time since Lauren was hit. That was the 13th of December or so… suffice it to say it was wonderful to be able to talk to her again. She’s very good at bringing out the conversationalist in me, though there are times when I feel like I’m running my mouth into the ground. However, I feel comfortable around her, and I know that if I’m ever REALLY stupid, she won’t hold it against me…

On the down side, Lindsay invited me to never speak to her again. We’ll just leave that at that.


A repeating theme with me I suppose is the fact I can never believe how quick life swings by. I’m done with 3 semesters of COLLEGE! My goodness, I figured I’d still be a sparkie. It’s amazing, too, how God protects youth. All of this stuff with North Korea and Iraq is crazy, and yet today I hear that roughly the same thing happened with North Korea about 10 years ago. How crazy. This world was going crazy and I didn’t care. (I just realized I used “crazy” 3 times… hmmm… you can tell what I think of all of this…) I was in the sandbox chilling with Ryan just getting messy. ‘dose were da good ‘ol days. However, 10 years, 6 girlfriends, 3 skull fratures and 1 pallet expander later, here I am. God’s great. I don’t think I could ever stop saying that.


The rest of the week is summed up by taking care of some shopping, taking care of some appointments, and on Friday I recieve my Entered Appretence degree and become a Freemason. So many people have such reservations about Freemasonry, but to be honest, I think a lot of people need something to have reservations about. If it’s not the opposing political party or the en vouge American enemy nouveau, it’s probably Freemasonry… people have to have a standby organization to consider evil, no?

Anyway, I’mma head off, ‘ight? Peace, love, tinkerbells!


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