News Story: Bush May Oppose Mich. Affirmative Action

Here’s a breif synopsis of an article I read today:

WASHINGTON – President Bush plans to challenge a University of Michigan program that gives preference to minority students, telling the Supreme Court there are better ways to promote diversity, administration officials said Wednesday.

“He seeks ways to encourage diversity and do so in a way that does not rely on either quotes or racial preferences,” Fleischer told reporters. “Quotas and racial preferences do not serve to lift up our country and to help the average American. Instead they have a tendency to divide people, to separate people who are deemed to be worthy of something and have it taken away from them not on the basis of merit.”

Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle called it “a watershed moment for the administration. They have to decide whether they’re for civil rights and diversity or not.”

Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri, a graduate of the University of Michigan law school who says he’ll seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, said he planned to file a brief in support of the university’s program. “I believe affirmative action is an essential tool in expanding educational opportunities to minorities,” he said.

Fleischer vehemently disagreed that an administration brief challenging the university’s affirmative action program would define Bush as an opponent of civil rights.

“When people view people who have different opinions on the basis of principle as being oppose to civil rights – that’s excessive,” he said.


I dislike affirmative action greatly. It’s like trying to stop a faucet by putting a cork in the spigot instead of turning it off.

It almost disgusts me when Daschle calls this “a watershed moment”. I certainly don’t decarly myself to be strongly politically afilliated with any party (my voting record will show I am a republican, and I suppose that if I had to make a choice, I’d be republican… the political quiz by the libertarian party targets me as a borderline Centrist/Libertarian), but I complete support what president Bush is doing. Being “color blind”, as far as I knew worked both ways. To be, this action is destructive on two fronts:

A) It bars people who are completely capable of entering law school on their on merits on the sole basis of their skin, because they’re the majority. This is reverse discrimination, and as bad as discrimination.

B) Although not intentioned (this, like many other government programs, is good intentioned, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions…), it is send a message to minorities that because of the color of your skin, you are permitted to be subpar and will be able to enter a school where you probably will have an incredibly difficult time.

Now, I’m not racist at all. All I’m saying is when it comes time for me to go under the knife, I’d rather have a doctor that got there because he/she has the credentials to get there than the doctor who got there because the government said he/she had been disadvantaged.

For all the paper – green and white – that has been wasted in the issue, I feel it could have been much better spent by taking care of the schools in the neighborhoods these kids are coming from and rebuild the schools. Stop giving people fish, America, give them the poles.


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