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So I looked up interested users for Grove City and found a bunch, so I decided to add them all. It should be nice to see all these people who are either at GCC or coming (those are the exciting ones…) and see how their lives are.

We’re at war. I just want it to be a righteous war and one we can look back upon 20 or 30 years from now and say “I would do it all over again”… however, I have a feeling once that next terrorist attack happens, people will be thinking “why the fruit did we get into this”.

But, fuzzah!

Anyway, I’m still trying to be better about writing in this thing, and I apologize for being as good as I could be. Life is consistent, but I’m wearing down a little bit. That’s the fun of Spring Semester – if it isn’t OB, it’s RA, it’s just being here and knowing it’s going to get warm, it’s internships, it’s relationships breaking up because Hey-no-one-wants-to-be-together-in-the-sping-for-some-reason Syndrome.

But God’s still there. That’s a reassurance. In the end, I can’t be any happier than to be able to say “Yeah, things can get rough, but I’m doing it for the glory of God”. I’d rather die 10 times for God than live once without Him.

To finish, I have to admit, Nancy outdid herself on this entry. I love how the most eloquent things can be written when people least expect it:

It’s a shocker when you’ve been desperately attempting happiness all day, ignoring eeyores all around you, making silly lists to remind yourself of what makes you smile, and focusing on that stupid “accentuate the positive” pollyana complex that rings inside your head that you just can’t shut up. My point is that it’s a shocker when you’re just sittting, squishing your toes through a soft carpet, and all of a sudden the yuckyness that you’ve been attempting to shoo away catches up with your heart at a totally inappropriate time. Shocker. When that finally occurs, and your toes are in mid-squish, you’re suddenly consumed by every thought and feeling you’ve been denying the entire day and you just want to get up and leave. Leave the room, leave the building, leave the country. Whatever.

It’s just too bad that yuckyness sometimes chooses to make it’s mean face known at times when you are powerless to do anything about it.


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