Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

First off, I have to say, looking back on all of my livejournal entries, my usual mood is “content”… and so it is today. It’s not a bad mood to be in. I’m not moping on the ground, but I’m also not one of those “always so happy it makes you vomit” types.

Anyway, today begins my week long break. Let me tell you… I’ve needed it. I’ve just been getting behind on everything – not so behind that I don’t think it’s possible to salvage my life, but far enough that it’s nice to have this break. I’m also going to try to get ahead in the next couple of days – write a paper due in May and whatnot – I’ve got enough with the One Acts and everything coming up, I don’t need too much looming over me (And everyone who reads this is invited to One Acts May 1-3 at school. Leave me a comment if you’d like more info). I just can’t wait until summer. I can’t wait for parties with people from back home, money making, and keeping up with the kids at school. It’ll invigorate me. But what’s funny is that this week really did something to me. I had a chance to meet some new people, and don’t know if it was that or just a change in attitude, but the last few days I’ve felt like a load’s been lifted from my shoulders. Things are just looking better and better. I’m beginning to feel just… better in general. A lot of faith in people has been restored in the last few days, and that makes me really happy. The light at the end of the tunnel has finally eclipsed, and I’m blessed because of it.

‘ight… well, I have to get to sleepybye… early day and hard work ahead! W00t!


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