So I had this really nice LiveJournal entry all set and ready to go… and wouldn’t you know it, I go to look for it this morning… totally not there. Oh well. Basically it said that I have logged 730 IM conversations. The longest (March 27th) and most went to Lindsay Palm. Over 32 percent of my total IMing comprised of Lindsay (7%), Adam Benjamin (6%), Dave Lewis, Russell Stelts, Ryan Anderson (my brother, and all at 5%), and Mike Dhonau (4%). The most anyone at home IMed me was 2.5%. I’ve talked to myself 6 times. đŸ™‚

Anyway, it looked a lot cooler than that. But, oh well. I’m going over to my grandmothers this afternoon to help with some stuff, then hopefully getting together to see some folks. peece.


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