Last day of break…

Yeah… so today is really my last offical day of break. The update on my work on the week:

Cleaning Room – Check
Getting clothes taken care of for the rest of the year – Check
Pirates Tickets Cash Sent – Check
Rewriting Resume for next week – Check
Memorizing Lines – Check (of course there’ll be tune-ups)
Paper for Legal Political – 1/5 done
Figuring out work for the summer – Check on my end… now just prayers.
Catching up on Accounting – meh… tomorrow’s a great day.

Tomorrow will include afformentioned Accounting, Manufacturing, and my RA letter to my guys next semester. I’m excited for that. But it’s funny. There’s a completely different feeling my mind and heart about the RA thing as compared to the OB thing. OB felt much more glamorous. It was not only the thing I wanted to do (I love working with freshmen. I would have no problem working as an admissions counselor at GCC after graduation), but it was also en vogue. I was certainly in part motivated by that… also that wasn’t my main intention. OB really was a way to prepare me to become an RA. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It was almost a preview – I got to see the freshman at their most worried, their most vulnerable. I was there, and my RAs helped so much. I’ve just wanted to reciprocate.

Anyway, yeah… tomorrow will be work, but I’m going to the Coffee Grove, which is quickly becoming my home away from home away from home. Nothing like a table, chai or latte, and chilling with the books. The place certainly promotes a study atmosphere, and as most people won’t be back until late, I can afford the time away. Also, I’ll hope to get more done on my Legal Political Paper, and get my Spec Mind Reading done. It’s okay though. 3 more weeks… 3 more weeks.

I’ve determined that I’m going to do all I can to make this last 3 weeks right. I’m just going to do what I think is best, and stop making the same stupid, STUPID mistakes I’ve been making. I think I’m completely capable to 3 weeks, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, benadril and dayquil in my body, I’m off to dream. peace, love, Indian Pop Music.


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