Update on my three week hopes:

I’ve determined that I’m going to do all I can to make this last 3 weeks right. I’m just going to do what I think is best, and stop making the same stupid, STUPID mistakes I’ve been making. I think I’m completely capable to 3 weeks, wouldn’t you say?

Day 1 – Not nearly as good as I would have hoped. I did indeed make many of the same mistakes I have in the last few months, and with great regularity. I’m like that though. I start out slow, figure out things, and work back up. So, I’m going to start really working on getting through these little things. I was so unstressed till some things came back up… now it’s just one more thing, and it’s the straw breaking my back. But, like in After My All “So before my all has been run through / I’ll give the whole of me to You / Wait for Your Word in all I do, and walk in Your strength”… I just hope that can be my prayer all the rest of this year.

SCORE: 4 / 10


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