Well, surprise of surpises, I can use Semagic at work! That makes me happy. You see, I get here at 6:30 in the morning and work doesn’t usually start until 7. That gives me plenty of time to actually write some messages this summer, add little things throughout the day. I might have a rediculously long journal by the time school starts up. Have no fear though, I’ll have no time so we’ll be okay. 🙂

Anyway, something I was thinking about. I felt this year that I had gone down some paths I really did want to, did some things I shouldn’t, but when I look back, I honestly think I’ve become closer to and understand God more at this moment than I did before. At first I thought to myself “self, maybe the reason is that you went further from God, but came closer. You can’t enjoy the light without the darkness.” Then as I read Mere Christianity (something I should have done, say, 3 months ago in class?), CS Lewis said that the reason why is becuase I’m getting better, understand evil more, and then understand God more. You don’t understand sleep while sleeping, you don’t understand drunkeness while drinking… there for you can’t understand the dark while being in it. So, maybe it works both ways. In either case, it’s still refreshing to know that God loves me, regardless of what silly thing I do. So long as I can keep myself oriented to Heaven, He’ll bless me.

Anyway, today my boss isn’t in, so I’m catching other people up on their work. I might try to go grab a tub or two today, but there are no guarantees.

peece, love, raglan,


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