Another Tuesday

Yesterday we planted the rest of the garden in order to avoid the onslaught of rain in the upcoming days (I’ve come to decide there has to be a mandate that no one in Ohio is allowed more than one beautiful day. Yesterday was it, I guess), and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the work I was doing. When I was younger, I hated manual labor. I’m not sure where I thought it was below me, or whether (and this is probably the case) I was just too lazy and didn’t want to do it. But, at least since I left for college, I’ve found I love working with dirt and the way it smells, the way that although it’s what keeps me between the sky and China (that and about 141248192480 miles of lava… or so…), it also gives life to so many wonderful things. It truly is amazing.

Another day on the grind… we’ll see how it goes. I’m looking at a conveyor for most of the morning, and then most of the afternoon looking for dirt specks, and we’ll see what’s going on in the middle.


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