I don’t have to much time this morning, so I’m going to leave a question that asked before and would like new feedback on it:

Yeah, so I was sitting here thinking about something and am hoping to get some feedback.

If there’s a member of the opposite sex you’ve admired from afar… maybe she’s in a group you go to, or perhaps sits a few seats away from you in class, and you think that maybe, just maybe, if you had a chance to take her out, or hey… at least have a conversation with her it might be a really, really good thing… how do you go about doing it without seeing like a freak? Do you wait for some connection, maybe someone else to introduce you, or do you say “Hi there, you know, I’ve been admiring you from afar, and I’d like to see if we could enjoy the coffee thing once or twice. Whaddya say?”… or is there some middle ground? Let me know.

This morning it’s all tubs, and then late this afternoon it’s six sigma training. I hope to delve into that sometime… should be interesting.


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