In order…

I figured I’d actually write up on my LJ in the morning again. They moved my office and now it’s the definition of private and high tech. Everything’s brand new and all… the only downside is I’m a little removed from the usual action. That’s okay. I’ll just have to do some more walking 🙂

Anyway, I keep thinking about that last entry and whether to apologize, but I don’t think I’ll apologize solely for it. If I offended whoever is reading, then I apologize. I was mad… well, maybe more hurt than mad – old wounds are tough to close sometimes – and as a result, certain emotions swelled up. But, in the end, I spend way too much time in my life explain my emotions then letting them speak for themselves.

I had a friend comment to me about feeling the same way I did about some friendships. I have a feeling that we all at one time or another feel like we are the administrator of a friendship and another the beneficiary – I think that’s a good reason why one sees so many divorces these days. What always dumbfounds me though is why it has to be that way. Is it something innate in me and others, is it just the happening pairing, or is it just self-pity? I don’t know. I know there are some friendships that I’ve just let go by the wayside myself.

We’re the salvagers. The ones who don’t know when to quit, when to let go, when to let die. We figure there’s still marrow in a relationship from the instant you meet until you die, and we’re dedicated to finding it.


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