Entry #100!

Woo! Congratulations to me! I’m in triple digits in my entries. It’s taken awhile, but y’know, practice makes perfect, and I like to take my time to do it right.

Couple observations for numbero ciento (I’ve decided against an introspective review of the last 2 years or whatever…):

1) When I drive to work in the morning, over beyond some of the hills I see the new Wal*Mart in Salem. From my house it looks as though it’s a bastion of commercial triumph… it’s all kinda disgusting. Although it will be a powder keg for Salem’s small town economy with its small shops basically filled with the same antiques as any other store, and surely it will be a shot in the arm for growth in the area, relatively stagnant, I can’t help but miss my field. I guess that’s progress for you.

2) I keep having this sneaking suspicion that all the work I’ve done this summer will go for naught. There’s a lack of communication here, and we’re approaching an impass with many of the studies we’ve done. This stuff has been done before, and I’ve just felt that because my partner and I are doing it now, we’re going to be able to really do something with it. It’s this optimism that keeps me coming to work everyday – that I will eventually make a difference for American Standard. But, the more things happen, the more it seems it’s all going to go down into the trash, only to be redone again by some bright-eyed 20 year old intern.


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