You know, since I actually started writing stuff again instead of just silly things I find online, my comments have risen unprecidently. This makes me happy, of course, because it gets awful lonely when you’re the only one reading what you wrote.

I’m down to my last week at work. Today is Tuesday, and I leave Thursday… so that means I’ve got 3 days left (2 if you’re optimistic). There’s this big part of me that is surpisingly sad to leave here. My life seems to work in three phases anymore: the obvious Grove City life where I go to classes and do all the normal 3G’s that I’ve come to love (God, Grades, Girls… in case anyone who’s going to GCC doesn’t know that… that’s how it falls =), then my in-school year at home-ness, where I loaf around and hang out with my family… and then as of the last three years, American Standard summers, where I try to live up to the family name, which is not always easy. And I’ve actually felt like I’ve done something here, but I don’t think any of it is going happen. That’s the name of the internship, I guess. You just hope for the best. I mean, some of the stuff we did actually did work – we cut the dirt down 60% in places, and 100% in others. But, still, it won’t matter because it take work. In the end, it will go the way of a dusty binder in a bookshelf.

Oh well, school will be nice, and I’m looking forward to being an RA so much. We’ll have a good time.

Anyway… got to go work, I’ll write later.


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