Odd bullets for today:

First off, what’s with everyone going “Friends Only”? Maybe it’s just me and I’m silly, but I made this journal specifically for the purpose that I could get on my little soapbox and say whatever the heck I wanted to whomever I wanted and don’t really give a flip one way or the other. It’s awesome that way. If you want to send your friends messages, write an email or set up a server (Ruth, this isn’t directed to you, btw… just a general statement 😉

Secondly, they closed the IM fields on account of rain. This is saddening, mainly because intramurals will be starting up soon enough, and I really am looking forward to all that this year having a whole hall. That will be a party, and I think we will have a decent IM team this year in frisbee. School is finally on the swing and I’m excited.

Thirdly… slip and slide on the grass here at school is incredible. Fun times, fun times.

Meetings and lifting tonite. Holla.


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