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Hey there –


I apologize for the not writing in the LJ… I miss it just long enough to wax nosatalgic and then get back in to the swing. Anyway… updates:

Grades came today. I recieved a 3.296 (a far cry from the glory days of South Range and 4.0). It’s the best I’ve done at GCC, and I’m determined to do better next semester. If there’s something I’ve learned is that there’s almost anything is possible if you intend it to be possible.

I’m really happy with Lindsay. For those of you who have been active readers of LJ know it’s been a back and forth thing, but this semester has really been special, and I want it to continue, because I feel like this could be the start of something amazing. My friends think it’s good, and my parents – stalwarts against the relationship – are even giving it a chance for my sake. That’s a lot of go’s, and it makes me happy.

Speaking of happy, the whole RA thing has been more of a blessing than I’d ever thought it would be. 36 different guys just coming together and doing their thing the first year of college. They might not all be in a clique together, but at least I know all of them and enjoy their company. I’m looking forward to next semester, because now people are acclimated, and it’s where the real fun comes.

anyway, I need to add an installment of what I’ve kinda learned in a Christian School:

deux: Don’t feel like because you’re there you have to join every Christian organization. I think so many people burn themselves out in this illusion that if they don’t join each of the Christian organizations, they won’t be good at all in the Kingdom of God. Just like the eye can’t be the hand can’t be the foot, I might be able to be on the chapel staff, but maybe not in Campus Crusade; maybe instead of Clowns for Christ, I do a prison ministry. It’s all about where God brings you and you taking the steps there.

Anyway, up at 5:45 for work bids me to say adieu. Have a great evening all, and hope to talk to you all soon.


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