…and on and on and on and on

I’m glad it’s Thursday. Because that means it’s close to Friday, which means it’s close to the weekend and I can tolerate the weekends with the best of them. The downside is I still have a good 15 and 3/4 hours of work before I get there, but at least I’m not punching in numbers like I was. I get to move on to the analyzation phase – my personal favorite. Take a bunch of numbers that make no sense and make them something useful. There’s probably something very metaphorical in there, but I have neither the time nor the energy to find it.

There was something that bugged me a little bit last night. I read all about the State of the Goat, and there was a question about Early Adopters and extended benefits. As a EA cum paid account cum EA again, I had interest in what they had to say. But I was embarassed by the response of the people on there. I could not believe the contempt they have for EA’s. I think that’s a little ridiculous. So many people forget the importance of allegances. I’ve been an LJ member since summer 2001, and while it’s gone in and out of vouge for me, at least I never decided to be done with it, and only recently have I considered adding a new LJ because I didn’t want to affect the continuity and the integrity of my LJ as it was. Which is much more than you can say about a whole lot of other people. I think if you have such a problem with it, start charging based on intellegence in LJ. Make it based on syllables per sentence, and overall grammar and ability to comprehend. The lower score, the more money that person would have to pay to keep their LiveJournal functioning. I’ve always been impressed that for a bunch of people who spend all day writing about themselves, the LiveJournal community was one of people who really cared, and was more concerned about what people wrote over perks for pay.

Oh well, as far as my money goes, I’m completely content with the way things are – I might not get the ratings or the awards for having the most creative pictures or the greatest backgrounds, but at least it’s my LJ and I’m pretty content.

Anyway, more work more work more work!


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