This is a tough, tortise-and-the-hare question that I figured some of you out there in LJ land might have an answer and/or opinion about:

I’ve been working most of the morning to figure out how to make a formula for a bunch of data I’m sorting in Excel today. Basically, it’s an IF statement that will say that if the time is between 0600 and 1600, it was call it first shift, and if it is between 1601 and 0559, it will call it second shift. And I’m trying and trying and still haven’t found it yet. So here’s the dilemma – I could keep trying and eventually get it because I have no doubt someone in this plant knows the answer – and hey, that person could be me if I could get out of the way of my own thoughts – or go back through every single one of the over 3400 entries, look at the time, and place a 1 or 2 at the shift time.

So my question is what would each of you do? Would you go for the brains or the brawn? Keep thinking a long time for the easy solution, or stop thinking for the long solution? It will be interesting to see.

Anyway, back to work.



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