Good Morning! Review of review

I got my LiveJournal reviewed over the last couple days, and I really appreciate the candor put into reviewing my journal.

Thank you, and I hope with some of the advice I can really improve my journal

These were some of my personal favorite comments:

“…there is a good level of intelligence apparent in his entries” – I’m glad to know that I haven’t been trivial or stupid. I’ve never wanted to be at all.

“I found there to be a nice depth to many things awra2001 wrote, it is very much a coming of age journal, particularly in the first year. awra2001 does speak of his feelings, but sadly the shear lack of entries meant that the reader never gets a full picture, or a follow up to things mentioned.” – I thought this was a really nice comment, and I hadn’t thought of it really as coming of age until now, and it really is. It’s the shift from high school to college and beyond. Alas, she’s right in the fact that I don’t update a lot, and as a result you don’t get to see a whole lot of change (that was a big detractor from points for me… that and customization)

This was my personal favorite:
I’ve never come across anyone quite so devoted to his faith as awra2001, so I’d say that was a unique point. The interesting thing with him is that if you look beyond all that, he’s still an interesting person which completely shatters my previous experience. The personality put across is very consistent, only wavering depending on the amount of religious content.”

One of my biggest goals from when I can remember is be able to balance faith and fun – to be able to love God, but also know how to go have a good time. At least in my journal, that happens.

“There is a constant style to awra2001’s journal. It’s not a style I can put my finger on, but one which is identifiable as his own. It would be a very nice journal to read if the sentence structure was tweaked a little bit.” – I liked this too, because I like having my own way and style. But at the same token, she’s very right – I do need to work on sentence structure… which starts the beginning of improvements:

This is a desolate journal. In two & a half years, awra2001 has only made 130 entries. There are months in which he never wrote, & even when he did it was often barely ten entries a month. – there’s nothing I can say except I really should take a little more interest in my journal. I’ve taken time to keep it going for 2 and a half years, and yet I do little to keep it up. There’s something wrong with that I say! WRONG!

This was very bland, sparse & gave you no indication of who he was at all. It was just a few lines of text, very uninteresting & it didn’t promote the journal well. – That seems to be something that I could easily take care of if I’d just take the time to do it.

“awra2001 never cuts quizzes, IM conversations or the like. This isn’t to say he never cuts anything, I just feel he doesn’t make use of this feature enough.” – Also easy to fix.

Also, I really need to stop using ellipses as much, and I think I really should start typing “tonight”.

The biggest problem for my reviewer, and my biggest drawback is my lack of creativity beyond the alloted things they give me. And while I can’t disagree (I am going to work with to create a better looking journal), I just don’t put as much on an emphasis on the look of my journal. I feel like the words and the user should speak through the journal, not its design.

She mentioned some things about my tendency to talk about God in my journal, and that’s cool. I know I talk about God a lot in my journal, and I’m sure at times I may have forced it out of me for the good of the journal (which is unfortunate, alas), but obviously, it’s something I can’t compromise on, and I think she understood and respected that. However, she brought up a great point when she mentioned that it might turn away unbelievers. That should be something I work on.

In the final analysis, I think if I really wanted to do well in a review, I need to take the time someday to really make it look how I want it to look. Make it “Adam Anderson’s Journal” not “Adam Anderson’s Journal, brought to you by the kind, hard-working people at LiveJournal”. More over, I just need to take time to write in it. I think to myself “self, the reason you created this journal was because you wanted to have a place to keep your thoughts and look back in five or six years and smile”… and I don’t seem to be doing so well at it a quarter of the way through. It’s okay. I’ll just keep doing my thing, and see where it leads. Once again, thanks so much for the review.


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