Toddy Coffee and other meaningfuls


This is part of an email that’s all about my new toy, the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

I had my first cup of Toddy coffee this morning. Wow. It definitely lived up to its hype.

Typically, when I have a cup of regular coffee, a series of events occur in my mouth. After it’s cooled down to the point of tasting it, the first thing I feel is a bitter/acidic taste on the tip of my tongue, followed by the taste of the coffee itself on the back on my tongue before I swallow it. Obviously, there’s an overwhelming bitterness, and whatever flavor you’d attain from the coffee is just about lost. Not to mention the fact if you drink enough of the coffee, you’re going to get heartburn becuase of the acid (I’ve had this problem before, especially at school: I get 2 cups of GCC coffee in me and I’m sick for the rest of the day)

No more with this Toddy coffee. All you get is the taste of the coffee without all the heavy oil and acid tastes. It’s the smoothest cup of black regular I’ve ever had. It’s like drinking a full flavored coffee water (which doesn’t sound so appealing, but it is! It’s the taste without the pain). I’m really impressed by it, and I think it will be an amusing conversation piece in my room. I recommend everyone who enjoys coffee or tea to get one, as it will do both. On Toddy’s site it cost $36.00 with free shipping and a sample of its latte, its green tea and its chai (all of which I found enjoyable. The green tea is a little too sweet for my liking – I enjoy just plain green tea and they add honey and all of that), but on ebay by itself I found one for $22.00

Today is Wednesday, which marks humpday, which marks the beginning of the end of work. It’s been fun here this time because there’s a comfort, impressions have been made, people know who I am, and I believe they consider me capable of doing my work. I’m left alone to my devices and to do my work. How can any self-respecting college student turn down a $10/hr job typing stuff into a computer all day? I’ve been blessed with jobs since I’ve starting working. I’ve never made less than $8/hr, and except where I did all that lousy sweeping and painting (at $11.50/hr plus overtime though), I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve done. I’m hoping for the rest of the week to run smoothly, and get out of here. Then it’s on to school for a new semester.

Anyway… talk to all later.


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