I’m waiting on a phone call from the HR rep at HB Maynard, an industrial engineering/retail consulting firm that I interviewed with before November. They said the’d let me know between late December and early January one way or the other. Well, unless my definition of early January is skewed, I think the 16th would designate mid-January, so I felt if I called and said “Hi. I’m really enthused about the opportunity to work at your company, so I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do to see what is going on” and see where I can go.

I called when they opened, and apparently the lady I need to talk to is in a meeting and won’t get out until, well, right about now. I’ll let you all know what the details are when I find out.

Today’s my last day of work, and I’m going to try to do as little as possible. 😛

peace and love

//edit 9:47: Still waiting on the call. I think I might try to call again at 10.

//edit 10:44: They decided not to offer me the internship. It makes sense because I’m not a Industrial Engineer, but a Marketing major, so although I have extensive experience in what they do, it wouldn’t be fair for any of the people that want to make that their living someday to lose the spot because of me. So this isn’t where I’m called to be. I’ll move on and find other things, and perhaps just come back to American Standard. They’ve given me so much, and to look at my resume and realize they’ve given me job after job since June 2001, how can you knock that?


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