Sorry for the extended delay

I’ve decided I should start writing again because I’ve come to a level of apathy in my schoolwork and life that I figure if I can start going to back to things I was actually interested in I may be able to salvage myself.

Blame it on the 18 inches of snow, the 200 days of Grove City cloudiness, or just that I’m at Grove City again, but I just dislike this school sometimes. There are so many things that are wonderful, sure; but I just continue to find such strong cultural character flaws and administrational chinks that I’m amazed we’re as successful as we are.

Personally, I find the mix of arrogance and ignorance here to be espeically nauseating. I’m amazed at the fact that for people who know so little about the world can think they have all the answers, and are willing to tell you why their right and you’re wrong at the drop of the hat. And it always go back to the Orientation Board on this campus. As a member of it myself sophomore year, I can remember telling people that they chose me because I was the “cream of the crop”, “best of the best”, “the beacon of the college”. I cannot believe I would utter those words to friends of mine, and fully believe them. Now, after seeing from the freshman side, the member of OB side, and from the RA who has his freshman going to OB events, I’ve come to realize that really, OB isn’t the beacon students of this campus. They’ll fool you into thinking it. They’ll act like they are, but they’re in it for themselves. I’ve never once seen a lighthouse shine on itself, and so many OB members place an emphasis on being in the group: “Oh yes, I’m a member of Orientation Board… yes, I sit through 3 hours of beaurcratic bull just to soothe and support my own overinflated ego. I love Jesus but would prefer him to follow me, for you see I lead the way in this school, and so He should just get behind me.” My Christian Turret’s line came right from the OB people, and it’s true now, and I fear it’s only going to get worse. Pity too. For as dynamic as a ministry as it could be for the freshman, I doubt if any one member has it live to its full potential.

Anyway, I have a test tomorrow, and will be studying dilligently for it. Peace and love to all.


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  1. I was exactly looking for something like that. Are you attempting to play with my breaking reading Wanna very nice joke?)) How do crazy people go through the forest? They take the psycho path.


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