So I’m on 2 missions right now. People, tell me what you think:

  1. I want to create a community garden here at GCC. It could be partially ran by volunteers from Rockwell or volunteers in general (such as myself), and have members of the community come by and plant whatever they’d like. Then, at the end of the year at harvest time, the community can get together and have one big get-together, celebrating the harvest and the time spent building it. It’s a community-building oppotunity, a chance for the school to get some PR, and gosh darn it, I’d love to have some tomatoes growing around. Even if that doesn’t happen, I’m fairly determinded to grow some potted plants this year and bring them to school. Hicks is a great place to plant as it has full and partial sun areas all near my room. It’d be sweet.
  2. I also want to change some of the policies here at GCC. I think it’s ridiculous that frats get their charters revoked for everything they do. It really doesn’t matter much, because all the seem to do is just go underground instead. So, I think as an alterternative, they should get them revoked maybe, but they should be able to gain them back with community service, etc. I’ve always been raised to believe that someone should never just purely punish, but should also discipline, and I don’t think the college does very well in that aspect. So I think I’m going to talk to Andy Toncic and see what he thinks. Because it seems to me that you could take each rule broken and have clear guidelines that could be set. Alcohol – revoked and 600 hour compulsury community service total. Each person that doesn’t attend is sent home a week. Seems fair and consistent to me.

Anyway, it’s the Gala tonight, and I’m going to go shower and go to the Outlets. Peace, love, enjoy the weather.



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