So I realized something today. I am doing better in my classes, and yet I’m doing less work. I ended up putting it together and really, I’m not working any less, I’m working smarter. One doesn’t have to work with his or her legs constantly moving. Working with your head is clutch.

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I apologize for not updating recently, but it’s been an interesting last couple weeks. I guess if anything, there’s been a lot of different things running through my head, and just things that make me realize I need to make some changes. First off, I’ve come to realize that the biggest thing is that I’m tired of people – myself included – being so stinking concerned about their own hurts and their own pains, and not concerned about everyone else. It seems so selfish – dare I say arrogant – to be so drawn up in yourself that you forget your own effect on others. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I was hurt quite a few time this semester, and instead of just brushing off my shoulders and walking on, I let it eat at me. Before long, it’s all I became concerned about, and I didn’t do any of the other things that I should have done. Which sucks, because I ended up hurting myself along with that other person.

Coming to grips with this is like breaking a water line and getting a breath of fresh air. No longer allowing others to bring me down so much is such freedom. I refuse to any long allow other people get in my way of service and my Lord. I’m going to be joyful.

Anyway, more later, but class is kicking up. Peace and love.


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