HOLY CRAP! 2 ENTRIES IN ONE DAY!!! (presidential quiz part deux)

So I took another presidential quiz, and found out that John Kerry is my best choice, but at 55% of my views, then Kucinich at 51%, and GWB at 45%. Am I really that wierd? Anyway, cut are the answers to the questions, and my political views. If you want to take the quiz yourself, go to http://www.presidentmatch.com. I’d love to hear your results.

Appoint Judge who will outlaw it: Slightly Oppose
Ban “Partial Birth”: Strongly Favor
Ban abortion except Rape/Incest: Strongly Favor
Parential Notification if under 18: Strongly Favor

Gay Rights
Gay Marriage Ban: Slightly Favor
Equal Rights for Civil Unions: Strongly Favor
Gays openly serve in military: Slighly Favor

Religion in Government
Organized Prayer in Schools: Strongly Oppose
Commandments Displayed in Federal Bldgs: Slightly Favor
Federal Funding of Religious Charities: Strongly Favor

Where do you stand on increased gun controls?
Safety Devices on All New Guns: Strongly Favor
Background Checks on Gun Show Purchases: Strongly Favor
Require Safety Course, License Before Gun Purchase: Strongly Favor
Allow Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about the death penalty?
Abolish the Death Penalty: Strongly Oppose
National Review of Death Penalty Fairness: Strongly Agree

What do you think about the following education initiatives?
No Child Left Behind Act: Strongly Oppose
Vouchers for Public, Private or Religious Schools: Slightly Favor
Increase Federal Funding for Higher Education: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about the following homeland security efforts?
The Patriot Act: Slighty Favor
Tighter Immigration Controls: Slighly Oppose

How do you feel about the U.S. efforts in Iraq?
The War in Iraq: Strongly Favor
Turning Over More Political Authority to U.N: Strongly Favor
Immediate Withdrawal of U.S. Troops: Slightly Oppose

Do you support these foreign trade policies?
Embargo on Cuba: Slighty Oppose
U.S. Involvement in NAFTA: Strongly Favor
Mandatory Labor/Environment Standards in Trade Agreements: Slightly Favor (with empahsis on the Environmental Part)

How do you feel about the following health care proposals?
Universal Government-Supervised Health Care : Slightly Oppose
Medicare Prescription Drugs Coverage By Private Insurers: Slightly Favor
Expand Medicaid to Cover More Uninsured Americans: Slightly Favor
Limit Malpractice Suits Against Doctors, Insurers: Strongly Oppose

Where do you stand on the following proposed welfare reforms?
Hiring Welfare Workers Tax Incentive: Strongly Favor
Welfare Benefits for Legal Immigrants: No opinion
Child Care Services for Getting Off Welfare: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about these Social Security reforms?
Raise Retirement Age: Strongly Oppose
Privatize Social Security : Strongly Favor
Cap Payments to Wealthy: No Opinion

Where do you stand on the following tax proposals?
Roll Back the Bush Administration Tax Cut: Strongly Oppose
Roll Back Cuts for People Making Over $100,000: Strongly Oppose
Additional Tax Cuts for Businesses: Strongly Favor

How do you feel about these issues related to jobs?
Raise the Minimum Wage: Strongly Oppose
Extend Unemployment Benefits: Slightly Oppose

How do you feel about these key environmental issues?
Oil Drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge: Slightly Agree
Mandatory Clean Air Emissions Standards: Strongly Agree
Tougher Fuel Efficiency Standards: Strongly Agree

No Party Issues or Experience

Overall Opinion (Scale of 1-5, 5 most important)Social Issues: 3
Crime/Education: 4
Security and International Policy: 4
Benefit Programs: 2
The Economy/Environment: 5


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