Funny how things just don’t change…

One of my freshman put this in their profile:

things i’ve learned my freshmen year of college at grove city:
1. studying is overrated
1. grades are overrated
1. you cannot have too much pizza
2. the food at the cafeteria is always a dissappointment
3. pranks need to be an important part of all students life
4. finding an emily is crucial
5. Hoss’s sucks
6. a huge voluptuous chair improves the quality of life
7. gotta brita it up
8. your schedule for next semester never turns out like you planned
9. the best times you have are not planned
10. must be careful of ket rec. there are some immature people there sometimes
11. stealing music is wonderful
12. paris is almost always a little foggy
13. the smelly kid is a dolt
14. the first two weeks were the hardest
15. most of the OB stuff sucked
16. ice can be very slippery
17. worms smell bad
18. smallville is cool
19. it always rains
20. tang is key

I think that could also be “things i’ve learned my sophomore and junior years of college at grove city:”. Funny.


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