<u><b><i>Political Spinning The Adam Anderson Way.</i></b></u>

First off, Smashmouth’s song “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” makes absolutely no sense, but it doesn’t have to because A) It’s Smashmouth, and when did they ever make sense, and B) It’s a catchy ska summer tune. Songs don’t have to make sense if they’re ska or summery. They just feel good.

Anywho, I felt like weighing in on some of the things I’ve read and heard of late in the news.

First off, the gay marriage thing. Each time I see a couple from Maryland get their marriage licence, it gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’m not against legally two people who want to do something like (not, however) getting into a same-sex “marriage” to enjoy the benefits of inheritance taxes and the like, but please keep it away from the moral binds of marriage. I’m sorry, but it seems crazy for me to think that two women or two men can see themselves so justly endowed to the same things ethically as my parents are. They’re not. However, I still believe this isn’t something that the national government should put an amendment on. I just feel like that’s going too far. I mean, I’m sure they could find something in the interstate commerce clause to make it justified, but I can’t see it. Keep it as a state issue, and let it work it’s way one way or the other. I just feel in the end it’s going to tear at the very moral fibers of our nation. This isn’t a small thing.

duex. Abu Ghraib. At first I thought this was a horrific thing and figured it was going to put American character in just jeopardy, but then after listening more and reading more, I think this won’t be such a big of a deal. Sure, it sucks, but as one commentator said today that it shows American democracy and free speech at work to where these people were really stupid and we did something about it.

John Kerry is still one of the most obtuse individuals I’ve ever seen grace a democratic stage. I liked Clinton, and could have tolerated Gore, but this guy takes the cake. Jonny, do you really think that George Bush had all the power in the world to stop the oil prices from rising, and do you think you could have done anything about it? To be, Kerry is an arrogant illusion of a canidate from a party who is still stuck in the shadow of the Clinton era, good or bad.

Work early tomorrow. Peace and love.


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