Work… or something like it.

After a week and a half of being here at American Standard again, I felt obligated to comment on what is going on.

I must admit I find myself to be more useless to the company every year, not by choice, but by design. You see, I come in at 7 in the morning. All they have me doing for the entire day is going up occasionally to the floor above me and measure piping out of a kit they use to build the tubs. I’m in the second floor office – the old product development office. I shouldn’t say old, even. Built last year, it was meant to house all of product development. But corporate decided it was best to have the engineers in New Jersey, away from the product they are designing (makes sense). So now it’s a $75,000 hole-in-the-wall for interns and the leftovers from Product Development Salem. But I sit here and wait, struggling to find things to do. I want so badly to work hard, put in my eight hours and go home, but I feel that’s not going to happen this year. My friend Jon who also works here is in a similar bind where he has less to do, so he’s forced to think of things to do, much of it mundane and useless for the ultimate goal.

American Standard, Salem needs to start working. Working in labor, and working in function. Until then, I’ll be here in my purgatorial office, half way between my bosses and my work.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. After all, many people my age are looking for a job that pays $10/hr with as little work. I’m blessed and cursed.


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