Poetry and the GRE

I want to start writing poetry again. I’ve noticed poetry is quite a muse – I try to gain some worthwhile inspiration, only to have it taken away when I actually have the pen and paper.

Anyway, I realized today that I really need to kick it into to gear over the GRE’s. No one informed me about the whole thing. There wasn’t a reminder like in High School. Oh no, it’s “Are you going to grad school? Great!” Not “Are you going to grad school? Start thinking about the GREs!” I think it’s because most students don’t get their masters out of college here. I can’t think of any close friends that graduated this year (excluding seminary and med students) that are heading off to grad school. Is this unique to Grove City? Or should I not think about it so much and work on getting a job? If I stick to the education route, I’d like to try to get into Penn State (within the top 10 of all graduate schools for higher education administration and educational policy – two of the areas I’m really interested in pursuing). But, as a result, I need to sharpen my basic math skills and my verbals. I looked through a GRE practice, and noticed that it’s a cross between the old 12th grade Ohio Proficiencies, ACT, and SAT. I did really well on both the Proficiencies (Honors on all 5 sections) and the ACT (30), so I think I could conquer those parts. The SAT? Well, I was about 40 points off from the PSAT National Merit cut-off point, alas. However, I’m going to make up for that by learning a plethora of new words and try to use them in my writings.

It’s noticeably dank out of late. there. =)


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