I’ve written more since coming home (19 entries) than I had from March until I left. Which is one of those things you could have figured out but I took care of it for you. I have to admit I do rather enjoy the fact I can sit here in the morning and comment to you about life. If anything, it’s a relaxing way to start the morning.

The problem, of late, is thinking of amusing topics that aren’t either too invasive to really speak about or aren’t so trivial my journal is empty. I’ve already spoken on politics, work, working out: basically everything that creates my summer.

Sunday Valerie and I went to Taco Bell again with her sister Michelle who has really grown up. She’s a senior this year. It’s funny because I still remember the girl who was in braces and had the middle school haircut and now she’s pretty and looking more like an adult. It’s just weird when Valerie and I talked about it and how our siblings are growing up. Ryan’s graduation party is Saturday, and in three months he’s going to be in college studying to become a chef. I’m just amazed by that.

I’m also amazed by the amazing level of the stupidity this plant offers its employees – but more about that at another time.

peace and love.


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