Work and Life, then a quiz for your entertainment

Upon looking at my user info, I’ve realized the 2 1/2 years in the making is going to have to change to 3 years in the making. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this fancy-like, lemme know.

Since I last spoke about work on May 25th or so, quite a bit has happen that I’d rather enjoy updating you on.

You’d figure that by the time you get to my age, and you have had a few years to work in the real world, you gain a sense of how to work and understand people, right? I mean, it isn’t too difficult to have a camaraderie where you work with people and you work as resources for the ultimate goal which is to do your best to make the place your working one step better from when you got there. That’s always been my theme, and the way I want to do things here at AmStd. But I’m amazed more and more by the sheer level of ignorance, immaturity, and derisive attitudes that beleaguer this place. A great example comes from today: there’s a camera in acrylics that’s used to take pictures of scrap or whatever. As I haven’t had a need to take pictures, logically I haven’t used it. When my friend used it and brought it back, one of the guys (my age and really my experience sans the fact he’s been here every day going to school whilst I’ve been at GCC) says “somebody screwed up the settings in here. It must have been that Adam… that choad intern doesn’t do anything and keeps screwing stuff up.” All the while I’m in my office working on a experiment summary, piping a tub, and running graphs to make sense of some of the information I have. This gentleman (one whole year my younger, might I add) has something against me. I typically deflect him, teasing him like he tries to do me, and figure there’s a immaturity factor at work here and I can only feel bad. I talked to my boss about this young guy and his boss and told him I wasn’t here to complain; I want to do my job and go home and be happy. I don’t need people blabbing to whomever will listen that I’m lazy and immature (two things which have been related to me), what I need are some people like I had last year who were helpful and kind to me because we all realized this is a symbiotic relationship and if they want me to help them, they’re going to have to help me at least a little or otherwise I’m not going to understand the processes. It’s frustrating, but in a way I’m reminded of the poem I heard today:

what you can get,
that’s his motto…

And really,
apropos of bliss,
and the true rapture,
what saint
could tell us half as much?

Even as he drops
back down
into the cold
dog-shit muck
he’ll have to live in
every day
for weeks on end perhaps
unless it freezes…

whining now,
as I turn away
to leave him there

the same today
as yesterday

one of the truly wretched
of this earth
whose happiness
is almost more
than I can bear.

All I’m going to be able to do is take what I can get.



I may own more than two pair of dress shoes, and maybe a designer suit, but I don’t mind going to the grocery store in sweats. And I may even go a day or two without a shower.

peace and love


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