Grrr on Sinus Infections

Good morning all. I really really really want this sinus infection to be done. I’m getting tired of it because it stops me from doing just about any athletic activity I want to. It’s such a heavy, searing pain that when I go out and run and all the mucus jostles in my head and I end up hurting more there than in my legs or my lungs.

I will admit that I have, finally, after 21 years, really began to enjoy running. I take my headphones and CD player and get out on the road. And when I stopped last week I was doing pretty well for 20 minutes. I’d run at the pace they tell you (I could talk to someone if they were there) and go until about I get back home, head out to the blacktop for Agility and Speed drills, stretch, and go in and shower. All of it takes about 35 minutes – or 8 songs, depends on what you’re keeping track with. Hopefully today after one last day’s worth of Dayquil I’ll be able to run. I have a dentist appointment at 4, and then I’ll be home.

Have I mentioned how nice it is to make money these days? I really enjoy it. And I think it’s that I enjoy working. A week would not seem right if I didn’t put in the time. That’s one of the reasons I hope to get a job next semester either on campus or at the outlets. Getting even a minimal paycheck will be beneficial (my goal is to make about $50 a week, because that’s about what I spent this year in my “Adam-now-has-a-car-and-wants-to-experience-the-freedom-to-do-whatever-the-f-he-wants-and-have-a-girlfriend” mode) and will allow me to save some away for the eventual first month/last month rent fee. Which right now is one half daunting and one half exciting. Then again, if I take the Grove City College Head Resident / Geneva MA in Higher Education route, I’ll be making $13,000 a year and pay for my Master’s in a snap. That however, is contingent on the Lord and the job market.

Today at American Standard, I shall be beginning an experiment that should yield a partial answer to the question “What are the pipe temperature, insertion depth, and glue amounts necessary to create an optimal bond to avoid leakage?”

peace and love.


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