Justin Mc Roberts

Lead from Weakness
Monday, March 26, 2001

Lead from weakness. Always know that you are not qualified to represent God. You never will be. There is nothing in you or about you which glorifies God. You are completely incapable of lifting up the name of Jesus in your life because you are fully self-consumed. You are eternally distant from the holiness of God and are not fit to have His Spirit living in you…. Perhaps the time you are in right now is a time in which God is teaching you this truth: You are a sinner. Because it is not until we realize that truth that the following truth makes sense: He has saved you.

Lead from weakness. Let your failure be the core of your leadership. Let those you lead know you are hurt or failing, because when they see that they will know that their failure is all right in the light of Grace. I pray that Jesus would lift from you the pressure to perform. May He free you with an understanding of your own sin, and lift you in the joy of the knowledge of His salvation.

Lead from weakness. What do we want to lead people to? A relationship with Jesus. What is the basis of our relationship with Jesus? His Grace. Doesn’t it make sense then, that one of the most important things to teach is failure. For, it is only in failure that we recognize our need for His Grace and find therein a relationship with Jesus.

Do not let the Devil convince you that your failure disqualifies you from the race. You were disqualified when you were born. Jesus runs this race and shares His victory with us out of love, not merit. Lead from weakness.


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