I have wasted the entire day and I’m proud of it.

The big shots were here today and because they don’t know about we Salem interns, we had to lay low and stay in our office.

Well, as far as that goes, we really can’t do a whole lot, so we’ve sat in the office doing a whole lot of nothing. Freakin-A sweet.

I was invited to Ian’s wedding, bringing to total to 3 this summer, and 4 total since I’ve come to college. Then I find out Jaclyn’s engaged (congratulations for that, though to echo Charlie it’s weird to see HS friends getting engaged. Oh sure, we saw Elizabeth become engaged, but it’s not as different as this. Maybe it’s because we expected that, and no discredit to Jaclyn, I don’t think I expected her to be the first.)

Jaclyn and I had the deal that if we were unmarried by 30, we’d get married just because. Thus far I’m keeping up my end of the bargain.

This one I’ll be able to go to as well because it’s after work is done. I’m sad I didn’t get to go to Nate’s, and if Nate or Sheila read this – I promise that when I come to Grove City next I will take you both out to lunch or dinner. It’s the least I can do.

I talked to Dave for an hour last night and Becca for a few minutes. Both good to talk to.

Also, I started running again last night which felt really good. In the rain no less!

That’s it for now. Peace and love.


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