Other things I’ve learned from the week

What a great last few days this has been. On Monday I decided to take the day off and head to Grove City because of the Revitalization Committee. Read on for that.

As a precursor, let me say for quite a while I had been doubting my work at Grove City. I felt for awhile the last 3 years were somewhat pointless and I was disappointed overall by it.

I got on GCC’s campus at about 11 or so, and there were two thoughts that instantly went into my mind. First, there’s construction all over the place. The president’s house is gone, the gee is no longer the gee and they reinstalled doors right in the middle of the former gee and the SAC is just about finished. Furniture for student life and learning is going in next week and it should be completely done in early August. The other thing was how lush and green everything was. I understand now more fully why people say the college is gorgeous – I saw it with a new set of eyes Monday. It was alive. And you think in May and August you get the full effect, but for some reason it was different.

After I parked I went into SAC, seeing if Student Life and Learning had moved in. On seeing nothing but walls and carpet, I headed to Crawford to see Dr. Thompson. We was in a meeting, and told me to get back to him at 3:15. I needed to head to Carnegie to Career Services to find out if there are any alumni at Smuckers. It was rated as the #1 place to work in all of America by Forbes magazine, and that makes you stand up and listen. I checked in the directory and didn’t find anyone. So, thinking I was down and out, I went to talk to Dr. Thrasher about what to do, and he tells me that indeed there’s an alum and she is the administrative assistant to the president. They’re friends, and she’s been trying to encourage recruiters to Grove City. So it seems pretty good. And also he was so encouraging, saying that he was impressed by me going to Cleveland and how that’s helpful and that I had done a good job with all of the career track stuff. It was so nice to hear that because it’s been a big part of my life since I came to GCC. He was the first guy to mentor me, and for him to say good job I felt good.

Then I ate some lunch, hung out with Clint for a little bit, and then went to see Dr. Thompson. He also was amazingly encouraging. He said how impressed he was at what I’ve been doing, and how he really sees me in Higher Education. He said I had a knack for listening and a strong desire to help people grow. He told me how excited he was to have an opportunity to mentor me (and I don’t think there are very many other good feelings than to have someone who is successful be willing to say they want to mentor you. It’s such a security.) and we’d work together to look to see my fit in graduate programs and all of that. We both commiserated the fact that it isn’t easy to find a church in Grove City (we’re both Church of Christ). At my church we have communion every Sunday, and in contrast I haven’t had communion but once at school. It’s frustrating to be sure. And he also said he wanted to have a chance to visit my church and my family and to bounce ideas off of me.

After the time with those guys it felt really good to be a Grover. I felt like I had actually done the right things, and God was reminding me of that. To have all of those people (and even Diane Gotch and company at Sherwin-Williams) say such complimentary things, I felt God reminding me I’m okay. That I’m doing good work, and that He still has the control and is guiding me.

For my money, I’ll take the Creator of the Universe leading my life.

The GCRI meeting was interesting but someone dull as we didn’t have enough to reach a quorum. Hopefully the next meeting I’ll be able to relate some more exciting things.

work is done. peace and love.


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