A) Welcome to entry #200.

B) Happy birthday, LiveJournal.

However, to call a spade a spade, I didn’t write my first entry until October 7th of 2001, and didn’t actively start writing in my journal until June of 2002. All that means is I will have multiple anniversaries to celebrate.

A few stats:
Entries: 200
Date Created: July 16, 2001
Comments Posted: 120
Comments Received: 194
Community Moderator of the Grove City College Community.
26 Friends, 22 of which decided to friend me back (and I think 2 of the one that haven’t would if they even realized I was part of their list.)

It’s been a good run so far, and it’s fun to go back and to look at all I’ve done over the last 3 years. Where I was and where I am. There are some really funny entries and all of that.

Thank you, people at livejournal.

Happy birthday.


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